Luqman A. Hakeem

Luqman A. Hakeem Shihan, 7th Dan

Luqman Abdul Hakeem has been a student of Aikido since 1967 ( first starting in Ju-Jitsu in 1966), Luqman Sensei’s early Aikido training was concurrent with 12 years of Ju-Jitsu training under Dr. Naraki Hara from whom he obtained 3rd degree black belt..

Luqman Sensei is a long time student of Shihan Y. Yamada 8th dan, Chairman of the United States Aikido Federation and direct disciple of Morihei Ueshiba. He taught the morning class at the New York Aikikai for 17 years.

In the late 1960’s, Luqman Sensei brought Aikido to the borough of Brooklyn. In the early 1970’s he established the long Island University Aikido club. A few years later the Brooklyn Aikido Club was established to give a permanent home to the club.

Luqman Sensei has traveled to Japan to further his training in Aikido. In addition he has traveled to Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean and across the U.S. to conduct seminars.

Luqman Sensei is currently residing in Morocco, northwest Africa and has instructed several thousand students principally in the cities of Casablanca and Marrakesh. Additionally, several of Luqman Sensei’s students have gone on to establish dojos and are instructing Aikido throughout the United States, the Caribbean and Africa.

Luqman Sensei conducts seminars several times a year in Morocco as well as the U.S. to maintain a high quality of training among his students.

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